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Hangzhou Hengli Transmission Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Hengli Transmission Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of high-speed and heavy-duty gearboxes. It is located at No. 34, Huatang Road, Honglan Industrial Concentration Zone, Lishui District, Hangzhou.In line with the enterprise spirit of "integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and refinement", the company has introduced gear design concepts, calculation procedures and manufacturing technology from famous gear companies in Germany and the United States. After the company's research and development and innovation, it has formed advanced design concepts and The manufacturing process, especially the high-speed, high-precision, and heavy-duty gearbox design and manufacturing technology has always maintained a leading domestic position, and reached the same level as developed countries in Europe and America, laying a solid technical foundation for the company's development.
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  • 2016th of February 4
    GERA Americas Operation and Maintenance Center held an opening ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. The establishment of the operation and maintenance center will help the company better serve customers in the Americas, and further develop and develop the company’s presence in North America, South America, and Latin America. Wind power and industrial gearbox business in the Americas and the Caribbean.
  • 2016th of February 12
    GERA India (including sales, technology and service functions) held an opening ceremony in Chennai, marking the official entry of GERA Gear Group into the Indian market.
  • Year ending March 2016
    The company provided the first batch of gearboxes for Wenzhou S1 Line, my country's first municipal railway.
  • 2016th of February 9
    GERA released the latest development of a series of wind power gear transmission product platform-StanGear at the 2016 Hamburg Wind Energy Exhibition.
  • Year ending March 2016
    The company provides 100% low-floor tram gearboxes for CRRC Puzhen Vehicle Factory.

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Provide personalized customized production according to customer needs, up to 0.001mm accuracy, perfect details, tooth meshing, wide application of thermoplastic engineering plastics, enhanced wear resistance and life of plastic gears, precision injection molding, dimensional stability, stable operation, and lubrication Noise reduction

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