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    HangzhouConstant force transmission partsCo., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-speed and heavy-duty gearsEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euLarge enterprises, Located at Huatang Road, Honglan Industrial Concentration Zone, Lishui District, Hangzhou34issue.The company is based on"Integrity,务实,Innovation,求精"The entrepreneurial spirit,IntroducedGermancountry,BeautyFamous countrygearThe company's gear design concept,Calculation programAnd manufacturingProcesstechnology,R&D and innovation by the company.Formed advanced design concepts and manufacturing processes, especially in high-speed,High precision,Overload etc.Gearbox design and manufacturing technologyAlways maintain the domestic lead, and reach the same level as developed countries in Europe and America,Lay a solid foundation for the development of the companytechnologybasis.The company has set up a dedicated technology center with professor-level senior engineers6People, experts enjoying State Council subsidies3people,With many universities and colleges at home and abroadresearchInstitutions have established partnerships, Established a complete set of quality control system, passedISO9001Quality system certification, andFirst adopted in China 1328 CERTIFICATEInternational standardAGMA API613standard. the companySuccessively from the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, etc.世界Famous companyImported all kinds of advancedGear processing machine,Measure,Detection,Tests and other international advanced equipment andComplete heat treatment equipmentPrepare, Of which Germany imported high-efficiency CNC forming gear grinding machine十余Taiwan, a large Austrian import multi-functionHeat treatmentFurnaceMore than ten, Germany imported high-speed gear hobbing machine5Taiwan, various types of processing centers16station,Three-coordinate measuring instrument2Table and gear measuring instrument3station.The gearbox produced by the company has been carefully designed,Accurate calculation and strict testing,Experiment with small vibration,Low noise,small volume,Strong carrying capacity,Famous for high safety and reliability, well-known at home and abroad, successfully applied to chemical industry,Centrifugal high speed blower,Steam turbine,compressor, Building materials, metallurgy, power generation, mining, energy,aerospace,New energy vehicle test benches and scientific research test benches of domestic colleges and universitiesAnd many other fields, and in the domestic high-speed and heavy-duty gearbox marketWell-known, A number of products fill the domestic gaps.

       At present, the company's products have formed more than a dozen large series, which is convenient for users to select models, and can be specially designed according to users' needs.

       Product processing range: the diameter of hardened gears can reach6000mm,Modulus up to50, The accuracy is stable5Above grade (ISO1328),Up to3level.Maximum pitch circle speed176Rice/Second, maximum speed80000turn/Points, maximum power63000KW, maximum torque8300Thousand cattle/Meter.Spiral bevel gear diameter up to1200mm,accuracy5level.The carburizing furnace introduced by the company adopts the German Siemens control system, which can adjust the diameter6000 mmThe following gears are carburized, and the carburized layer can reach as deep as8~9mm,Tooth surface hardness reachesHRC58~63.

    Company from the United States,GermanyIntroduced someThe participation of famous experts in management has laid a solid foundation for the company’s development to the world.Make the companyIn terms of technology, equipment, product performance, etc., it is at the world's leading level.The company has been adhering to"Responsibility in place, do it right once"Rigorous style"Being responsible for users and society is being responsible for yourself"The idea,Successively for many domestic,,SmallType enterprise提供Gearbox products.The company is also actively exploring the international market, and its products are exported to the United States,Europe,Southeast Asia,middle EastWaita fewTen countriesAnd region.The main products of the company are:High speed increaser,High speed reducer,Gearbox for high-speed test bench,High-power and high-speed ratio gearbox,metallurgyBar and Wire Rolling MillGearbox,Vertical mill reducer,Edge drive reducer,stonePetrochemicalGear box,Universal gearbox,Planetary gearbox,Modular gearbox,Crane gear box,Worm screw lift,Precision gear,Various non-standard gearboxes and gear spare partsEtc., product coveragenew energy vehicles,Blower,Steam turbine,compressor,Building materials, metallurgy, power generation, chemical industry, mining, lifting, energy,aerospace,Test BenchAnd many other fields, and in the domestic high-speed heavy-duty gearbox andNon-standardGearboxes and other markets occupyLargerAdvantages, a number of products fill the domestic gaps.

    Our company is in line withWith the policy of "Quality First, Customers First", we are committed to providing users with the highest quality products and the most satisfactory services.The products produced by our company, especially for blowers,Steam turbine,compressor,Centrifugal and axial fans,Gas power generation,Aviation test bench,New energy vehicle test bench,Various high-speed test benches andGearboxes for high-speed pumps and other units have high reliability,High stability,high efficiency,low noise,Little vibration,Excellent performance such as energy saving and environmental protection has been universally appreciated and recognized by customers.Professional technical support enables our company to always meet the various needs of customers' special customization.Our company adopts advanced design technology,Leading manufacturing process,Excellent sealing technology,The international standard quality management system makes the quality of every product produced are very high.With advanced technology and excellent product quality, the companySuccessively with the United StatesGEGerman WestGate,SMS GermanyLafarge,TCC and other famous multinational companies established cooperative relations.The company willContinue to adhere to the boutique strategy, consolidate and leverage brand advantages,With top quality,reasonable price,Timely delivery,Quick and perfect after-sales service to set sail for your career!