They have been specifically created for feeding systems in poultry farms.
All housings are in die-cast aluminium alloy and for suitable heavy operating conditions.
The gears are helical and so are manufactured from case-hardened and tempered alloy steel.
The output shafts are in hardened-tempered alloy steel.
The bearings are Poultry&Pig Geared Motors For Feeding Systems Opening And Closing Of Windows In The Farm Tecno calculated for an average life for 20.000 working hours.
An inexpensive solution with a high degree of customization.
Feed is transported in two primary ways, either by screw or chain feeder systems. Both wormgearboxes and helical gearboxes can be utilized in these applications , transporting feed in little and large quantities when necessary
It is a single stage.
Technical Details
Torque: 19…24 Nm
Power: 0,25…1,1 kW
Ratio: 2,55…7,87
For hygiene and maintenance purposes the feeding troughs should be lifted. Gearmotors from our Poultry&Pig gearbox can offer a solution because of this movement.
Another application will be the starting and closing of windows in the farm which are usually difficult to reach. Here a combination wormgearbox can be utilized also with a pre stage unit in order to open the windows instantly.