Cycloidal pin wheel reducer



Product name: B, X series cycloid reducer

Transmission mode: plane cycloidal pinwheel transmission
Uses spinning machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, chemical machinery, construction machinery, transportation machinery, etc.
Transmission: input part, deceleration part, the output part


High precision / variable speed
Can be applied to different types of motors
Good quality and low noise
one year warranty


XB series single screw cycloid reducer
1. Excellent quality
2. Competitive price
3. Timely delivery

XB series single screw cycloid reducer

High-speed ratio and efficiency

Single stage transfer up to 1:87
reduction ratio, the efficiency is over 90%. If using multi-speed
The drive reduction ratio is larger.
Adopting the principle of planetary gear transmission, the input and output shafts are on the same axis, and the structure is compact.
Smooth operation and low noise
The cycloidal pinwheel has a large number of meshing teeth, a large overlap coefficient, and stable parts, which limit vibration and noise to a minimum.
Reliable operation and long life
Since the main components are made of bearing steel and quenched (HRC58-62), it has high
strength. At the same time, the transmission contact of the parts adopts rolling friction, which is durable and has a long service life.
Due to reasonable design, convenient maintenance, convenient disassembly, and assembly, the number of parts is very small