Cycloid Reducer For Motor



Technical data:

1. Output torque: 90-4000(N.m)

2. Rated power: 0.18-22(kW)

3. Input speed: ≤1500 (rpm)

4. Output speed: ≤1500(rpm)

5. Transmission: ≥9-7569

6. Series: 1-2

7. Installation form: W/Y/C/P/L/D/S/X

8. Model: BL/BW/BLE/BLY/BWE/BWY(09-7)

The entire transmission device of the reducer is divided into three parts: input, deceleration, and output. The Y series special motor and the reducer derived from the Y series special motor form a direct-connected reducer.

1. The ratio of slow speed to slow speed is large: the stage ratio is 1/9-1/87, and the two stages per hour are 1/deceleration ratio 121-l/7569. Multi-level combinations can be used as required.
2. High transmission efficiency: Since the meshing part adopts vortex meshing, the efficiency can reach 90%.
3. Compact structure: Because the plane, input shaft, output shaft, and the motor are directly connected on the same axis, it has the characteristics of small size and lightweight.
4. Smooth operation: There are many gears meshing during the transmission process, the operation is stable and the noise is low.
5. Easy disassembly and assembly, convenient maintenance: due to the reasonable structure design, the disassembly and assembly are simple, and the maintenance is convenient.
6. Low failure rate and long service life: The transmission net of the machine adopts a bearing steel quenching process and rolling friction, which has high reliability and long service life.
7. Strong overload capacity, impact resistance, small inertia, suitable for frequent starting and forward and reverse rotation.