Cast Iron Cycloidal pinwheel transmission speed reducer



AC Motor Cycloidal Gear Reducer

Quick details:
Type: Cycloidal Pinwheel Reducer Input Speed: 1400-1500rmp Output Speed: 14-280rpm
Certification: ISO9001 CE 3C Ex Power: 0.18-132KW Warranty: 1 Year
X, B series cycloidal pinwheel reduction motor is a reduction gear with advanced design and novel structure. Adopt planetary transmission principle, adopt cycloid meshing, advanced design, and novel structure. Gears are increasingly widely used in military, aerospace, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, light, food, textile, printing and dyeing, medicine, rubber, plastic, lifting and transportation, and other fields.
Delivery time: 7~10 days for samples, 25~30 days for placing an order after receiving the deposit.


High-speed ratio and efficiency
The single-stage transmission reduction ratio can reach 1:87, and the efficiency can reach more than 90%. If a multi-speed transmission is used, the reduction ratio is greater.
Adopting the principle of planetary gear transmission, the input and output shafts are on the same axis, and the structure is compact.
Smooth operation and low noise
The cycloidal pinwheel has many meshing teeth, a significant overlap coefficient, and stable parts, which limit vibration and noise to a minimum.
Reliable operation and long life
Since the main components are made of bearing steel and quenched (HRC58-62), the strength is high. At the same time, the transmission contact of the parts adopts rolling friction, which is durable and has a long service life. Because of its reasonable design, convenient maintenance, convenient disassembly and assembly, the least amount of parts, and simple lubrication, it is deeply trusted by customers.

– Install fasteners
Check the mounting bolts on the GEARBOX cycloid gear unit. Ensure the reducer legs or flanges are securely fastened to the mounting base. Tighten loose bolts as needed. If the bolts come loose frequently, consider strengthening the mounting structure and using double nuts for each bolt. Use ISO 8.8 or higher bolts when attaching GEARBOX cycloid reducer flanges or legs to equipment.
– Lubricant
Check the lubricant level. When the unit is not working, the oil level must be added to the top mark on the side.
Glass. The oil level must be above the lower limit mark during equipment operation. Remember oil lubrication
Double deceleration models require additional oil to ensure adequate lubrication during the first deceleration stage. Refer to the Lubrication section in this catalog or the installation manual. Frequent oil changes will prolong the life of the GEARBOX cycloid reducer. For more information, see the Lubrication section of this catalog.
– rise in temperature
It is considered normal for the ring gear housing surface to be 105 oF (58 oC) above ambient temperature. Check for sudden increases in temperature during steady state operation. If this happens, add the recommended oil or grease (see Lubrication section). If the temperature rises sharply, stop the operation and contact the factory.
– unusual sounds
If abnormal noise suddenly occurs inside the unit, stop the operation and check it. Check mounting bolts, pulleys, and sprockets. Also, check the air tightness of the fan cover and fan installation. Make sure there is sufficient lubrication inside the reducer. Cycloid Please note that the low reduction ratio of the cycloid reducer will result in higher internal speeds and thus operating sound levels. This phenomenon is considered normal.
– Precautions for installation of F-type units
Unlike H- and V-type units, which have one set of fasteners for securing the reducer and one for attaching the reducer to the mounting surface, F-type units have two By. Only one set of fasteners can perform this function. In this case, loose bolts make the installation unstable and cause the reducer to separate. Check the tightness of the fasteners daily. This precaution is essential for applications involving frequent starts/stops and reversing and using brakes or clutches with F-mounts. An extra set of nuts and washers can be supplied for bundling the reducer with the original kit or mounting the unit with an extra kit.