1 Output Hub
Standard or alternative hubs with metric bores can be found to suit international standard shaft diameters.
2 Precision High Quality Gearing
Computer Designed Helical Gears, Strong Alloy Materials for High Load Capacity, Case Carburized for extended life, Surface Profile(some SMR Speed Reducer Intermediate pinions are
shaved) Crown tooth Profile, In Conformance with ISO 1328-1997, 98% Efficiency for Per Stage, Clean Quiet Operation with Many Teeth in Mesh.
3 Maximum Capacity Housing Design
Close Grain Cast Iron Building, Excellent Vibration Dampening & Shock Resistance Features, Precision Bored and Dowelled to make sure Accurate In-Line
4 Strong Alloy Steel Shafts
Strong Alloy Metal, Hardened, Ground on Journals, Gear Seatings and Extensions, for Maximum Load and Optimum Torsional Loads. Generous Size Shaft
Keys for Shock Loading and Conform to ISO Standards.
5 Additional Case Lugs Except H and J Equipment Case
Eliminates the Need for Critical Tightening of Torque Arm Bolts. Settings Position of Regular Torque Arm Installation within Recommended limits.
6 BackStops
Alternative Parts, Anti-run Back again Device, Are Available on all 13:1 and 20:1 Ratio Models and don’t recommend for 5:1 Units.
7 Bearings and Oilseals
Bearings are Adequately Proportioned and Comply with ISO Dimension Plan, EASILY AVAILABLE World-Wide. Oilseals are Double Lipped Garter Spring Type,
Ensuring Effective Essential oil Sealing.
8 Rubberised End Caps
Personal Sealing Intermediate Cover Plates, to Standard ISO Housing Dimensions.
9 Torque Arm Assembly
For Easy Adjustment of the Belt.