Snowblower Gearbox for John Deere 47

John Deere 47 Snowblower

John Deere 47-inch snowblower for 2016 and later X500 tractors
The 47-inch snowblower has the ability to handle large-scale snow removal operations:

  • Works well in all snow conditions, suitable for leisure parks, industrial parks, and other applications where snow must be moved to a greater distance
  • Ideal for families and real estate owners in snowy areas
  • It is more effective than a single-stage snow thrower when operating in wet, heavy snow, and deep snow conditions; The low-speed auger determines the size of the crust material when moving the snow to the second-stage blower.
  • Provide consistent snow placement under variable snow conditions because the high-speed blower can keep the discharged snow at a consistent speed even under minimal cleaning volume
  • For the model year 2016 and later X500, select the series tractor with a hydraulic lift.

How Does the Snowblower Gearbox Work?

The low-speed screw conveyor picks up the snow, moves it to the machine’s center, enters the high-speed rotor, and then blows it out of the discharge chute.
The cast iron gearbox provides speed reduction for the drills and is protected by the safety bolts of each half auger.
When operating in deep snow, the two-stage snow blower is more effective than the single-stage snow blower because the low-speed auger is used to determine the size of the crust material. Since the high-speed rotors can maintain a consistent speed of the discharged snow even under minimal cleaning, they can also provide consistent snow placement under variable snow conditions.

The second stage blower is made of the same durable, rust-proof, ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene material as the power flow blower, which is durable.
The durable fan material has the same cold resistance as the snowmobile crawler roller and will not bend and cause the fan to lose balance.

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