pto Gearbox For Generator

generator agricultural gearbox has the functions of light-weight fat, little volume, high transmission ratio, large efficiency, smooth rotation, reduced sounds and good applicability.

1) Output speed:.19~60r/min

two) Output torque: up to 260,000N.m

3) Motor electricity: .four~1293kW

4) Mounted sort: foot-mounted ,flange-mounted

pto Gearbox For Generator

The agricultural division is divided into gearboxes (speed change gears, parallel and right angle shaft pace increasers and reducers), driveshafts and safety gadgets mainly utilized on agricultural equipments.

The agricultural division transmissions are extremely tailored and accessible in a lot of superior variations. Software engineering and high style capacity enable to fix any customer’s problems, granting continuous advancement, top quality and complete provider.

pto Gearbox For Generator

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