This 80SF30 sprocket is a durable, top quality, and precision sprocket with 30 hardened teeth that’s manufactured to simply accept an SF bushing. A thing that is notable concerning this sprocket is chain sprocket definitely that it completely meets all ANSI Requirements, which insures proper get in touch with between the #80 roller chain and sprocket. This also prevents premature wear or breakage and means that the sprocket will directly interchange with additional manufactures sprockets. This sprocket can be black oxide coated therefore increasing level of resistance to the environment and can prevent early corrosion. 80SF30 sprockets are produced to accept a SF type QD bushing which, we also stock with a wide variety of bore sizes. Additionally provide sprockets with completed bore configurations, and if you want a custom sprocket we have the capabilities on providing them within an easy lead-time and at excellent prices. To find out more or large inquiry demand please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.