Roots air Ejector Water Ring pump system gives the Air Ejector in front of Water Band Pump of Roots Drinking water Ring pump program.Comparing to Roots Drinking water Ring Pump system that contains the same numbers of Roots pumps,there will be the following features;
Large vacuum,high displacement in more affordable inlet gas pressure
Motor is not reqired for Surroundings Ejector,so that no power consumption;Energy saving
With Air Ejector,the gas pressure difference between input and output has been decreased,which will decrease the comoressing heat and help to make the working more reliable for Roots pump.
Suitble for high vacuum distillng,vacuum vaporizing and vacuum dehydrating-crystalllzation in chemical and Air Vacuum Pump china medicine sector;vacuum drying and vacuum impregnation in electrical and light textile industry;frozen-dryer in food and medicine industry etc.

Roots Pump with Air flow Ejector and Water Ring Pump Vacuum System

Control and communication are the essential elements for increasing system availability. The intelligent interface technology of the Ever-power allows very good adaptation and monitoring of the processes. By integrating condition monitoring, details about the condition of the vacuum program is always available. In addition, condition monitoring increases program availability, allowing users to program maintenance and repair steps in a useful and anticipatory way and prevents cost-intensive production downtimes. These advantages result in a long service life and optimum operational protection. ever-power vacuum pumps can either become aligned vertically or horizontally. This allows maximum pumping acceleration and a more customized and efficient utilization of space at the customer’s production site.

The maintenance and energy costs of the HiLobe are more than 50% lower compared to conventional Roots pumps. This is due to a get with energy efficiency course IE4 and the particular rotor geometries of the pumps. The pumps are hermetically sealed to the atmosphere and also have a maximum essential leakage rate of 1·10-6 Pa m3/s. Dynamic seals are eliminated and, consequently, maintenance is only required every four years. A forward thinking sealing concept in the suction chamber makes the utilization of sealing gas superfluous generally in most applications, which also offers a positive influence on the operating costs. Since the procedure of the Ever-power Roots pumps is possible even at ambient temperature ranges as high as over 40°C with flexible atmosphere cooling, cost-intensive drinking water cooling is unnecessary.