Standard ratios from 4:1 to 36:1
Additional ratios offered upon request
Attractive pricing for cost-sensitive applications

Increased Torque Output at an Attractive Price
Small step motors and integrated motors are well-known in applications where space is at reduced, but these small motors don’t always produce enough torque for challenging applications. EP Mini Planetary Gearheads will be the perfect solution, offering improved torque and better inertia complementing without breaking the budget.

All steel gear teach and output shaft
Input speeds up to 6,000 rpm
Minimal backlash

All Metal Construction for Durability and Performance
Each EP Mini Gearhead features an all-steel equipment train, stainless steel housing, and aluminum front and back flanges for maximum durability. Each element of the gearbox is precision machined to exacting tolerances before being assembled into the final reducer. The effect is a gearhead that may accept input speeds up to 6,000 rpm and offer high result torques with reduced backlash.

Small motors and built-in motors with pre-assembled planetary gearboxes
True planetary design
Precision cut gears
All metal construction for extended life
High torque and precise positioning
Miniature design for use with small motors
Superb for increasing torque and inertia matching in a little size

Our small planetary gearbox are build to last, dependable and minimum error tolerance that’s suitable in aerospace, automation, smart household, electrical tools, medical devices and robotics applications.