Worms & Worm Shafts
Worm Gears
EP’ Worm Equipment and Worm Wheels can be purchased in 24, 32, 48 & 64 pitch.

Worm Wheels are produced with a pin hub or split hub in bronze.

Obtainable in single, double or several threads.

Anti-backlash Worm wheels can be purchased in bronze with a 303 stainless steel hub.

Worms are also available with solitary, double or four threads.

Worms can be purchased in 303 stainless steel for use with one, double or several thread wheels.

Worm shafts available in 48 & 64 pitch in 303 stainless steel.

Metric Worm Gears – Large Speed Reduction With Small Volume
Worm equipment pairs are made of a worm and a worm wheel. These gears allow for a very large lowering ratio within a pair. They are very quiet and offer smooth transmission of electric power. Because of the situation to be a friction drive system, worm equipment pairs have very poor efficiency. Comparable to helical gears, worm wheels are as well cylindrical disks which have involute shaped teeth cut into their confront at an position. For worm equipment pairs, this can be the lead angle in fact it is identical to the angle cut in to the worm. The decrease ratio of a worm equipment pair is designed as the ratio of the amount of the teeth on the worm wheel / the quantity of begins on the worm. As with helical gears, worm equipment pairs must have the same module, pressure angle and direction of business lead angle so that you can mesh. Our worm gear pairs are offered in lots of materials, modules, numbers of teeth and decrease ratios. All of the worm wheels that we offer enable secondary procedures such as starting the bore, adding of keyways, adding of tapped holes, and the reduced amount of the hub diameter to always be performed. Almost all of the worms that people offer enable secondary functions such as beginning the bore, adding of keyways, adding of tapped holes, and the reduced amount of the hub diameter or shaft diameter to be performed. Our providing also includes products that have already had many of these secondary functions completed. These products are determined by a “EP” in their part number and they are available within 10 calendar times.

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